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Unlock your potential as a young soccer goalie with our specialized training program, designed exclusively for ambitious players under 12 years old.

Led by several junior high-level goalkeepers with extensive experience,

our program offers a unique blend of basic skills training, realistic game simulations,

and targeted tryout preparation.

What We Offer

  • Introductory Skills Training: Master the fundamentals of goalie play, including positioning, diving, and ball-handling, through our tailored sessions.

  • Real-World Simulations: Experience game-like scenarios that challenge and enhance your decision-making, reflexes, and overall game intelligence.

  • Tryout Preparation: Gain the confidence and skills you need to stand out at tryouts and secure your spot on the team.

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Elevate your game alongside peers with our small group training sessions, designed for 2-5 participants. These sessions foster a competitive yet supportive environment, allowing goalies to challenge each other while learning collaboratively. Group training emphasizes teamwork, communication, and in-game strategies, providing a well-rounded approach to developing your skills. Ideal for players who thrive in a team setting and want to improve together.


Experience personalized coaching like never before with our one-on-one individual training sessions. Tailored specifically to meet your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals, this program offers focused attention and customized drills to enhance your skills as a goalie. Perfect for those seeking intensive skill development, our individual training ensures that you receive dedicated support and feedback to help you excel at your own pace.

"Being a good person is like being a goalkeeper. No matter how many goals you save, some people will only remember the one you missed."


- Iker Casillas


David Wang

2018: Embarked on my goalkeeping journey, dedicating myself to mastering the art and discipline required to excel between the posts.


2021: Achieved the position of starting goalkeeper for Vaughan SC, securing the York Region Soccer League title.


2022: Served as starting goalkeeper for Woodbridge Strikers SC, enhancing team defense.


2023-Present: Current starting goalkeeper for Richmond Hill SC in the OPDL team, facing top provincial talent and contributing leadership and expertise.


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